Client experiences

The ferment that made me find new paths

"Two years of hard work and Maria as a support, what a discovery! You have been the ferment that has enabled me to find new paths of discovery  in my on-going  self- development.  You have this special touch that prompts the other  to think harder, whilst letting him or her decide  the right course, still  offering support  in the process; you have this capacity  to bring yin and yang together  to help the other find  his or her own unity. Many thanks."

Martin de W.

She has mastered the art of being in tune

"I wanted  to have  Voice Dialogue  sessions  with Maria, but live on the other side of the ocean in the US. So we use Skype as well as the phone for our sessions. Maria excels at feeling the energy I am in and grasping the  core issues.  Because  of the use  of the internet, I feel very fortunate  to have a voice dialogue session  in my house  with Maria as facilitator living on a different continent. I can access a great coach, while living thousands of miles apart.  The video is useful  to connect at the beginning  and the end  of the session  and then the image becomes  no longer important  and the energy of the voice  takes over.  That remains, for me, the  most important. I would recommend Maria as facilitator and coach to anyone.  She has mastered  the art of being in tune  and connecting with  her client's energy  of selves despite the physical distance. Warm regards,"


New dimensions of strength and vitality

"Four times a year, I drive to Bergen.  Sometimes full of ideas  that I want to share, or abundant  with questions that I want to  inquire into.  Sometimes hesitating whe-

ther it makes sense  to go, as there are 'no issues at all'. The sessions are always surprising  because of their con-tent and depth.  Always, even when I hesitated  before,

I drive home enriched. Maria knows, like no other, how to be with what is. She asks questions and persists with those questions, and yet, most of all  she is silently and attentively present. She has the remarkable gift to connect  to what is  present in me  as a person  at that moment.  She gives space  to express the things I find difficult  in my work, and the things  that anger or frighten me in my life.  Through her  interventions  I discovered many things about myself. Hidden sensitivities and concerns that unconsciously drive my actions.  But also new dimensions of my strength, vitality and spirituality.

I consider it a privilege to have Maria as my coach, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone!"

Martin H.

A breathtaking experience

"In the  deep-seated  difficulties  between  my  husband and  me, Maria  pulled us  out of our  conflict  routines, by  letting us  switch chairs, at a  well-chosen moment during a multi-day session, and to let us  move into the energy of the other.  It was a breathtaking  experience to suddenly  feel  what my  husband  had felt  all those years.  There were  no words for it, but that  single ex- perience, that  one moment, let me, in whatever  way, completely feel what it is to be him. Since then it goes well  between me  and my husband.  Thank you a thou- sand times, Maria!"


Deepening and giving space

I experience it  as a relief  to be  in Maria's presence.  I do not know why that is so, but I can describe that relief. When I, as a colleague  or friend, have  a conversation  with Maria, then everything gets a wider perspective.  What I personally wrestle with gets depth  and becomes  connected  with  universally human  inner processes and  developments.  Then I suddenly feel space;  I relax  and get connected with  myself, and also with that wider  general human  context. Suddenly it is not so unbearable and I no longer stand alone.

It is not the words she says that evoke this. Maria carries a field with her in which this just happens. That is no longer a matter of choice of words, intervention, method, or professionalism.  It is the condensation of generations of struggle and pain in her family and having emerged as a richer person.

When Maria works with a group, the collective intelligence of that group is activated. By that I mean, that members of that group get oriented to the wider meaning of the group in broader contexts. Then there is space; then everybody is connected with something as yet unformed, that is not yet there, but you can already sense it. Then the group begins to move in unexpected directions, no longer only oriented to ideas that were already there,  but also  to the new  the unformed  that wants to be  expressed in that group, but what is not yet manifest. Because the movement emerges from the group itself, it binds the group together in that new direction.


What more can I say about the way Maria works.  After more than two decades as a Voice Dialogue trainer, and a decade as a trainer in "Inner Leadership from Vision", those are her most important  approaches and philosophies.  Her  personal  effectiveness  as a  facilitator  of  individual- and group processes, therefore rests also on a sound foundation.

Bert Terpstra

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