Cuevas Alterra de la Luz


This plot of land is located on the Altiplano of Granada in Andalusia in the south west of Spain. It is landinwards around 100 kil. from de city Granada. The Altiplano is stunning, magical, extraordinary and very quite. Nature has a strong presence here and we perciece this earea as a powerspot that that tough you deeply. Route

The grounds

Cuevas Alterra de la Luz measures 6 acres (2,5 hectares) and is located on a ridge. It consists of several terraces. There are secluded spots and tranquil parts where you can catch your breath and can simply be. There is an organic vegetable garden and a flower garden. You can walk between hundreds of olive trees and be amazed by the many flowers and wonderful grasses that catch the light. Cuevas Alterra de la Luz is set between farmland and hills with mountains in the background. The grounds have the most astounding and surreal 360-degree views. Around sunrise and sunset the views are nothing less than spectacular, colouring the hills and mountains with a wide spectrum of blue-ish to red-ish tones. The light which is absorbed and reflected by the sand-coloured soil and the many different grasses, create all shades of gold. The magical nights are an experience in itself.

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The cave houses

The composition of the hills in this area enables the construction of enchanting cave dwellings. This ancient way of living in the hillside is ecological, beautiful, unusual, healing and quite unique. When you put off the WiFi they are free of radiation.

Cuevas Alterra de la Luz has two attractive and comfortable cave houses for rent. They are spacious and bright and have high ceilings. Each house has a private kitchen and a bathroom with shower and toilet. The cave houses have a constant temperature and humidity, throughout most of the year. Both houses have a wood burning stove for chilly winter nights. Each house has private terraces and an outdoor splash pool. On sweet summer nights you can fall asleep under the stars listening to the cicadas.

In order to ensure tranquillity and comfort, Alterra de la Luz Cuevas remains small-scale and therefore the letting of both houses together is limited to a maximum of 5 people. For larger groups we can arrange several beautiful and unique locations nearby to stay and for work.

The grounds of Cuevas Alterra de la Luz are substantial enough for all kinds of creative and shamanic activities.

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The immediate surroundings

When you walk down the hill from your cave house, you will find an always running river nearby in which you can swim. This area has a different biotope with many animals, green, tall trees and old, terraced fields.

When you walk up the hill instead, you will find yourself in a landscape like a steppe. It is a vast empty area with grasses, and rocks surrounded by mountains. It borders on the magical lunar landscape of the Bad Lands. This wonderful landscape is one of its kind.

Nearby are many tracks for mountain bikers and hikers. The nearest village is called Castilléjar which is two kilometres away.

Click here for an impression of the Badlands.

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