Retreats & quests

The Retreats and Quests are at the heart of the transformative programmes. These are intensive inner journeys, which can last from a couple of days up to 10 days. Your guide and companion is Maria Daniels. Sometimes guest-coaches or colleague trainers are invited for specific programmes. You will be able to fully concentrate on your journey since Ide Min will take care of the practical side of your stay in his unique and inimitable way.

The offered programmes distinguish two main paths: a psychological and spiritual one. These two paths can intertwine.

The psychological path

For whom
Are you struggling with a question? Is there a theme in your life you want to work on? You are done with quick fit solutions and want to acquire new desired behaviour. Solutions offered from the outside no longer seem to work sufficiently. You long for a deeper understanding and a more sustainable healing and transformation and want to have the ability to apply this in your everyday life.

Maria offers retreats with pathways leading towards healing and transformation. The Psychology of Selves (Hal and Sidra Stone) and, the corresponding methodology Voice Dialogue form the basis from which she works. The many other psychological methods and ways of approach that Maria has embraced over the past 30 years, will also be used in a natural and organic way. You will notice it’s no longer about the methodologies; it is about the sense of movement and shift of energies that present themselves within you, in your relationship or in your team.

The programmes are custom made and drawn up in consultation. Each programme focuses on transformation: on arranging, deepening, breakthrough, healing and rooting and is suitable for individuals, couples, small groups and teams.

The Spiritual Path

For whom
You are experienced in consciousness development. You already have done considerable consciousness work. Psychological views and methods are familiar to you. You are aware of your patterns and of your own vulnerability and strength. You also know that this process of development is a continuous one that requires maintenance, care and further exploring. And yet you feel something else is calling out to you; something of a different order, a soft whisper from your soul; a feeling of homesickness or deep knowing that is pulling you and wants to be heard. Something essential is missing which brings along a sense of rootlessness.

The Ancient Knowledge of the peoples living in close harmony with nature is still alive. Perhaps even stronger than it has been for a long time. Maria started exploring the Ancient Knowledge and Shamanism more than 35 years ago. The profound spiritual knowledge and experiences of the ancestors is within your reach too. You can learn to integrate this in a suitable way in your daily life. The Ancient Knowledge covers grand fields of identifiable and unidentifiable contents. Key principles are that everything has a soul and carries consciousness.

Maria accompanies you on a journey through parts of these inner and outer worlds. In this way you will find yourself embedded in and carried by forces greater than you. Your path will become clearer and your life more meaningful and deeper.

Einstein once said that the solution of a problem often has to be searched for and will be found on a different level than the one on which the problem occurs. Emotional psychological issues increasingly require spiritual bedding.

During a Quest we move into a ritual time. Nature is our great guide, mirror, teacher and healer. Alterra de la Luz offers the powerful, tranquil and safe place needed for a Quest. In the surroundings there are special places such as a natural hot spring, a river and the desert, which can be included in the ritual programme.

We will call in the forces; we’re going to work with the four cardinal directions, with Spirit and with the Earth. We are going to drum and take a drum journey. We will go on medicine walks and we can arrange a shorter or longer lasting Vision Quest, whilst you are fasting, being on your own at your place of choice in nature. Every experience is, nearby or from a distance, coached and mirrored afterwards. This clarifies its meaning and makes the integration of the experiences easier. All programmes are custom made and focus on transformation, healing, spiritual connection and being rooted. They are suitable for individuals, couples, small groups and teams.

What more we can offer
In addition to the Quests and Retreats we offer a variety of other activities.

To name a few; (silent) walks, bike rides, excursions, meditation, attention training, arts and crafts such as woodworking, helping out in the field, yoga and massages. We can organise all activities according to your wishes, and if requested we can guide or accompany you. For those who prefer to choose their own path accommodation only is of course also an option.

Please contact us for the possibilities

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